The Touzani Foundation puts the social vision of Soufiane Touzani in to practice: “If kids take a turn to the wrong way, they can also take the right one”

We are advocates of the right for all children to develop themselves. To build confidence and take chances in life. At the Touzani School we have been working on this vision for 5 years now. There is only 1 rule at the Touzani School: You have to be “Chill”! We play football with girls and boys between the age of 7 till 18 years old in Rotterdam. We are also active on Social Media. We have a Youtube channel (Touzani School TV) which reached 2.000.000 views.

To play football together and learn how to present yourself . These are the 2 most important things we do. While doing this, we have lots of fun.

Do you wish to work on the corporate social responsibility of your company? Soufiane Touzani is waiting for your call. Become a partner of the Touzani Foundation!







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